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Positive trial results (again) for the use of wollastonite in growing high-quality pesticide-free cannabis

Wollastonite can greatly improve pest and disease tolerance for many crops including cannabis. Increasing silicon availability in the soil and therefore uptake into the plant improves internal immune system responses and can provide a physical fortification as silicon accumulates in cell wall tissue. The following trial summary demonstrates a strong case for the use of […]

Big results are in for the benefits of wollastonite in cannabis production

Wollastonite has demonstrated great benefits with silicon intensive monocot crops and as expected, this carries through to cannabis. The use of wollastonite in greenhouse production has routinely shown positive benefits for crop quality and production. The results summarized at the link below are above our expectations, but we can easily see the possibility from the multiple […]

Calcium, the king of crop nutrients, may have found a new queen: silicon

The title of this post is from a new article we came across from a fertilizer manufacturer and retailer with some interesting observations about the power of silicon and calcium, both nutrients that are naturally found at high concentrations in Canadian Wollastonite. The article describes multiple benefits of calcium and silicon: thicker cell walls, increased […]

Canadian Wollastonite is an Ideal Amendment for Outdoor Cannabis Production

With the recent approval of small-scale outdoor Cannabis production in Canada, growers will be looking for premium fertilizer and soil amendment products. The yield and disease tolerance benefits of plant-available silicon have been shown across a wide range of crop types. Wollastonite is a proven low cost and easy to apply source of silicon and […]

New research project: Innovative carbon-sequestering fertilizers

We are proud to announce a new research partnership with the University of Guelph to evaluate the potential of Canadian Wollastonite to sequester carbon dioxide into Ontario soils. Applying wollastonite to agricultural soils shows strong potential as a shovel-ready solution to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Recent scientific studies suggest that when calcium silicate (wollastonite) […]

New Research: Enhancing CO2 sequestration with Wollastonite

This research evaluates the effects of naturally occurring enzymes and specialized human-made compounds on the breakdown of wollastonite to improve the efficiency of carbon sequestration from the atmosphere. In summary, the findings suggest that metal-organic frameworks (MOF) are more effective than naturally occurring enzymes for enhancing carbon sequestration from wollastonite. In case you wanted to […]

Wollastonite stands out for plant available silicon and disease suppression

Wollastonite is good for plants: Summary of current research on silicon and  wollastonite by expert Joseph Heckman Excerpt: Wollastonite: A Good Choice for Delivering Silicon “Research conducted on New Jersey soils compared various fertilizer sources for plant-available silicon and powdery mildew suppression using pumpkin as a test crop. The most effective material for supplying plant-available Si […]

Wollastonite at work in a Tropical No-Till System

Surface application of limestone and calcium-magnesium silicate in a tropical no-tillage system Research paper summary Although lime is currently the most commonly applied material for soil acidity correction in Brazil, calcium- magnesium silicate application may efficiently replace this source due to its higher solubility and silicon supply, which is beneficial for plant development. This study […]