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Wollastonite is the lime of the future. In the near future, lime applications will become unprofitable due to the carbon dioxide released from calcium carbonate. Wollastonite is a calcium silicate which quickly releases calcium, magnesium, and silicon in the soil and contains no carbon dioxide. Pound for pound, wollastonite has 44% more minerals, mainly silicon, than calcium carbonate.

Replace lime with wollastonite, multiply your lime application rate by 1.3x and get big benefits:
  • Wollastonite spreads easily with a lime spreader
  • Get an immediate balanced calcium and magnesium release
  • Eliminate separate and slow-release dolomitic lime applications
  • Capture and permanently store up to 300 kg of CO2 per mt of wollastonite applied
  • Avoid releasing up to 400 kg of CO2 from each tonne of limestone applied
 Then add the Power of Silicon in wollastonite (26% elemental silicon):
  • Boost physical and chemical pest defences
  • Increase drought and climate stress tolerance
  • Untap hidden yield potential unleashed by maximizing silicon availability in your soil
  • Reduce soluble aluminum levels in the soil, improving the uptake of other nutrients while increasing the exchange capacity of the soil
  • Silicon in wollastonite is released in a plant-available form in the soil. Wollastonite is the most cost-effective source of silicon for agricultural soils.

We enjoy questions from growers who are interested in using wollastonite as much as hearing from growers who have made the switch.

Contact us with your field reports & questions. We look forward to hearing from you.



*1.3x Wollastonite lime conversion based on 85% CCE lime

*Calculated CCE for wollastonite based on calcium carbonate conversion factors (source):

Wollastonite element content x CCE factor = contribution to CCE

Ca 19% x 2.5 = 48% of CCE

Mg 4% x 4.17 = 17% of CCE

Total calculated CCE value of wollastonite = 65% or 0.65