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Increases in the global food supply and fertilizer costs are putting pressure on human systems to cycle nutrients in a more effective manner. The negative ecological consequences of nutrient leaching are well known, especially for nitrogen and phosphorus. Until we found this study, we were unaware of the potential for wollastonite to adsorb or react in solution with nitrogen compounds making the nitrogen temporarily less soluble. The potential of zeolites to adsorb ammonium are well known, however, wollastonite might be able to add another nutrient to its tool belt of benefits as a white mineral for a greener world.  And a mineral that could greatly benefit nutrient recovery from wastewater systems by putting nutrients back to work on agricultural fields while still supplying calcium, silicon, magnesium, and other valuable nutrients to the soil.

For full study details and more about wollastonite and phosphorus adsorption see our environmental remediation research page and let us know how we can help you with your agricultural or wastewater application