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Wollastonite can greatly improve pest and disease tolerance for many crops including cannabis. Increasing silicon availability in the soil and therefore uptake into the plant improves internal immune system responses and can provide a physical fortification as silicon accumulates in cell wall tissue. The following trial summary demonstrates a strong case for the use of wollastonite in cannabis production by reducing crop losses to diseases and pests while enhancing the overall quality of the crop. These are the win-wins silicon fertilizers can provide and wollastonite is the most cost-effective, safe, and simple way to achieve these benefits.

But we have not covered the well-known benefits of calcium! Calcium accumulates in leaf tissue in relation to the amount of water transpired by a leaf. For calcium, high levels are needed at all times to ensure maximum uptake, especially during periods of rapid growth. Wollastonite provides a valuable ‘one-two’ punch for improving crop quality and yield.

Try it in your program or contact us with any questions and check out our research page for a listing of many studies that demonstrate a wide range of positive impacts of adding wollastonite to soil and growing media.

Cannabis Trial Summary: https://www.accesswire.com/534425/Vertical-Announces-Wollastonite-Research-and-Development-Results